Miles Singleton

Invert LP

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Miles Singleton's debut album "Invert" is a great many journeys within itself.

Songs that take the listener through highs and lows of a young man’s life. A look inside ones soul, most vividly depicted on tracks such as "A Place Beyond The Universe" and "100".
The personal aspects of this project become apparent through Miles' father narrating an insightful and heartwarming passage on "Beauty Of It (Interlude)'' reminding us of the essence; love and positivity.

Besides the music seemingly moving through space and time itself taking us to dark and bright places in the furthest corners of our minds, we also hear a variety of people sharing beliefs in conversation and in doing so, adding a great deal of intimacy to Miles' project.

"This is definitely an album worth taking the time to play from beginning to end during a quiet moment whilst reflecting on life." – boyoom

- 100
- A Place Beyond The Universe (feat. Vitu)
- Selections
- Beauty Of It (Interlude)
- Feels So Right (feat. Dylan.Negativ)
- Resonator (Interlude)
- Sunshine (feat. Dylan.Negativ & Asé)
- Mansions
- Born (Outro)


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