At first, it was just an idea. And then, it become something more than that.
The Wasted Hour was founded in 2018 by Martin Hufnagel.

The goal was to create something new: A shop and magazine, a digital concept store.

“I realised there are so many outstanding brands that follow their own rules or have their own interpretation of sustainability.
So I always wanted to know: What’s the background story? What’s their vision? What inspires them? And of course: Where can you buy it?”

Ranging from upcoming designers, brands that effortlessly combine sustainability and style to streetwear brands that are deeply rooted in subculture; from fashion and homewares to music and books, The Wasted Hour offers a unique shopping experience.

“When selecting a product for our store, the most important thing has always been that it must trigger something in me when I see or touch it.”

That’s how you can explain the eclectic mix of brands offered by The Wasted Hour.

Browse through The Wasted Hour Magazine for a deeper insight about your favourite new brand, explore virtual photo exhibitions, read contemporary articles or discover new music.

“Right from the beginning until today, I’ve often been asked about my motivation. I want to create a platform, a space for creative culture; something to inspire you.
Because inspiration matters."

Photos: #shotonfilm by Martin Hufnagel.